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Ana Mendieta:

A Female Force

IlluminArts at the de la Cruz Collection

A Female Force

April 26, 2018

IlluminArts presented A Female Force, and evening of music inspired by the work of artist, Ana Mendieta a the de la Cruz Collection. Mendieta's groundbreaking work was largely autobiographical and focused on themes of feminism, life, identity, place, and belonging. The music featured compositions by influential female composers including Paola Prestini, Sarah Kirkland Snider, and Libby Larsen. Director Alison Moritz, fully staged this multimedia performance with a cast lead by Metropolitan Opera soprano and Broadway star Jennifer Zetlan, with renowned soprano Jessica E. Jones and the sensational mezzo-soprano Annie Rosen. This celebration of art as rite and ritual blurred the line between classical music and performance art.

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