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Sebastian Spreng: 

Dresden: Hymn to Humanity

IlluminArts at the Lowe Art Museum

DRESDEN: Hymn to Humanity

September 15, 2018

IlluminArts presented “DRESDEN: Hymn to Humanity” inspired by the DRESDEN exhibition of Argentinian artist and South Florida resident Sebastian Spreng at the Lowe Art Museum. DRESDEN offered a pointed reminder that we hold within us an infinite capacity not only to create but also to destroy—and then to rise again from the ashes only to start the cycle over. This exclusive event featured baritone Jonathan Beyer and soprano Jennifer Holloway, joined by IlluminArts co-founder and pianist Anna Fateeva, in an  exploration of humanity through the music of Schubert, Berg, Rachmaninoff, Bernstein, Brahms, and Mahler.

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