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To Reach the Light Premiere Film Screening and Online Release
To Reach the Light Premiere Film Screening and Online Release

December 3, 2022, 12PM

Join IlluminArts for the Premiere Screening and Online Release of a film created about the 2022 IlluminArts program, "To Reach the Light".



IlluminArts understands the community’s desire to experience traditional art forms in innovative and exciting ways. Founded in 2013 to present world-class performances of classical music to Miami's vibrant audiences, IlluminArts collaborates with museums, galleries, and other community organizations to present curated, site-specific programs of music.


Following a growing desire to highlight social justice issues in our programming, we recognize the power of the arts to inspire thought, dialogue, and action by exposing audiences to performances that not only entertain, but also engage and inspire change.


Artistic Director, Amanda Crider, is passionate about classical music and the evolution of how to present it in a way that corresponds with the changing expectations of a 21st-century audience. Our overarching goal is the sustainability of the art form through performances that are accessible to the entire community.

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P.O. Box 45-1704 | Miami, FL  33245-1704 | | Tel 786-565-2180

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