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IlluminArts with
ICA Miami and Girl Power: 

Presented by IlluminArts, ICA Miami, and Girl Power

December 2, 2020

Online Event

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

- Oscar Wilde


“Because I know that hope and fear are connected, I put my mask of hope on”

- Will Smith


ICA Miami and IlluminArts were thrilled to partner with Girl Power to create the visual art, music and online video performance: Unmasked. The at-promise girls of Girl Power created the visual art for this performance and were inspired by the questions: How have masks been used around the world throughout history? How do masks protect us today? How can we interpret the masks we wear, both real and imaginary? Bringing their ideas to life with found objects, learned histories, and their own creativity and imagination, the masks the girls created were featured in an exhibition at ICA Miami in December 2020.


The musical performance features the cast of the upcoming production of The Turn of the Screw (performances October 28 & 31, 2021), including GRAMMY winning tenor Karim Sulayman; sopranos Susan Hellman Spatafora, Michelle Trainor and Jaye Simmons; male soprano Elijah McCormack; and mezzo soprano Chrystal E. Williams. The music featured on this performance spanned the globe and the centuries, from the work of Barbara Strozzi and Florence Price, to B.E. Boykin.

Special thanks to our presenting partners:

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